How to make the addon to the review status

My addon is disable by Mozilla, since I miss to upload the source code for review, now I have upload the source code to the store and reply a message to the reviewer,right now I could not find any Request Review ·item in the addon list, does anyone know how I can let it come to request review quene?
uuid was {27fd2956-7ce4-40f6-b60e-d1a59b6a67cd}

@erosman, can you help me on it? Thanks

@freaktechnik, can you please help me on this case? Thanks.

You can upload a new version (with increased version number) and upload the source code.

@erosman, thanks for your reply, but we just want to publish the version 2.1.4, is there any way that we can keep to publish this version and let it become review again?

You can contact admin-reviewers via the email.

@erosman,get it, could you pls share me the email address of the admin-reviewers?

please get in touch with the admin team at amo-admins [at] mozilla [dot] com

@erosman , I have send email to to look into this case two days ago, but there is no reply so far, do you have any other contact window with admin team? Can you help me on this? Thanks.

do you have any other contact window with admin team?

Sorry… I don’t… you can try asking in

Can you help me on this?

I am afraid, only admin can.

@erosman, thanks, I have login mozilla chat, shall I just invite to the private chat? Or do you have admin team member’s email or username?

I am not sure. I was a volunteer reviewer and not involved in the admin process.

@erosman, I have uploaded a new verison, could you pls help to review it? Thanks.

uuid still {27fd2956-7ce4-40f6-b60e-d1a59b6a67cd}

The volunteer reviewer program has been discontinued. Admin reviewers will be reviewing the addons.