How to migrate Beta channel users

When Beta channels are deleted soon, the announced migration plan would see all users be migrated to the stable AMO channel.

I (and probably all users of Beta channels) would instead like to remain on some equivalent pre-release channel after this change is deployed.

Will the following migration plan work for my add-on?

  1. I self-host an update.json manifest
  2. I create a new build with an update_url property in the manifest to point to that update.json manifest file
  3. I publish this new build to the AMO beta channel before it is shutdown
  4. Beta channel users get upgraded to the next beta version when I add a new version to update.json

If not, what is the suggested approach to ensure addon users experience a seamless transition?

Listed versions (including beta) can’t have an update_url. This is for security reasons, since listed versions are expected to be reviewed and monitored more closely by AMO reviewers.

I suggest you set up an install page for the new beta channel and then push an update to the AMO beta channel that asks users to switch to it. Inevitably some users will miss it and won’t move to the new channel, but hopefully the ones that are still interested in testing will find it.