How to pair device and adapter?

(Lg Lindstrom) #1


Using nodeMcu I have created a Thing device by simply copying the LED example.

Then I “created” a adapter by copying “example adapter”.

By using RestMan I can check that my device working properly.
“example adapters” shows up in the IOT gui so I assume that it is “working” properly.
But clicking on/off on the “example adapter” don’t change the state on the device ( I expected the led go on and off)

So, how do I connect my Device to my Adapter (??? ) on program level. How do I set parameters so they find each other and can find each other.

Cant find any documentation that I can understand, need some start helpt :slight_smile:

(Lg Lindstrom) #2

I’ve taking this a step further.
It actually works if I manually pair the adapter and device by giving the giving the adapter the device url by using “add url” function.

I’ve also noticed that when I start the “scanning for devices”, the device immediate crashes.

So, why do the device crash??
I’ve used a provided example and assumed that it should work.
Can anyone give me a hand ???