How to prevent extionsion from controlling a setting

This extension takes over the tracking settings. I disabled everything related in the extension but it still does that. I cant just disable or remove it because i need it for the VPN feature. Can you somehow revoke that permission?

Currently, there isn’t a way to selectively disable a (non-optional) extension permission.

In this case, the privacy permission includes the ability to manage whether Tracking Protection is on for all windows, private windows only, or no windows at all, and also the ability to manage cookie permissions.

Is the problem that you need to change some Tracking Protection settings that the extension doesn’t have controls for? Perhaps you can disable the extension temporarily, make your update, then re-enable it. Does that work?

The problem is that i don’t want a random extension to hijack my settings

@jscher2000 message above

Understood. You can keep it or uninstall it.

There is a bug on file to match the host permission functionality of Chrome/Edge/Safari, but I’m not aware that anyone is looking at blocking API permissions. You could file a bug.