how to PUSH BUTTON SYNC with

Hello everyone, I’m a newbie to
I’m still interested in the button sync with LEDs on webthing. I came across the webthing-arduino library at this link ( examples), but it doesn’t mention what I’m looking for.
i would love to have an example part with results like this video (
I really hope someone reads it and can help me, thank you

WebThings includes an API allowing remote applications to use HTTP calls to change thing “parameters”, such as a virtual device’s “push button” property. I wrote a monitor bash script that parses a logfile, and when necessary, execute an http put request to WT. You must generate a static API KEY and include this as the authorization in a put request. In my case, I used the Virtual Things add-on, and created a push button thing. Suprisingly, it’s been working great for me.

I started learning the API using this example:

Here is a link to anohter thread I posted to:

Here is a link to the GitHub repository I wrote that tails the X10 Mochad logfile which I translate to WebThing property changes:

I could probably dig up or create some notes on how to create a Virtual Thing “button” as it’s not straight forward…

Can you guide me step by step. please

I use esp8266 to control the device and I want to synchronize the physical buttons with the website