How to redirect bookmark files in Brief 2.0

I run the latest Firefox under Windows 8.1, and I use Brief as my feed reader. This week, I had to rebuild my OS; when I finished the reconstruction and downloaded and installed Firefox, I found that Brief no longer could find my feeds. I’ve been through this before, and I know the developer’s blog has instructions for restoring the feeds, but I can’t find the blog. Could someone send me a link to the blog? Also, are there similar procedures for all Bookmarks, including the Bookmarks toolbar?

i got the same problem. the old bookmark for instructions no longer valid! fortunately i managed to trace back what i did.

  1. u need to install SQLite Manager add on
  2. launch it ( i use alt key to invoke the firefox menu, it will be under tools
  3. for profile database , select places.sqlite
  4. then in the left column, under tables, choose moz_bookmarks
  5. search the “title” column where the RSS links are kept,
  6. once u found it, note the “id” column number
  7. then run about:config in the browser address bar (don’t know what we call it, where u type the URL)
  8. then search for extensions.brief.homeFolder
  9. change the “value” there to the one u identified in 6 above.

brief should work as before.

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Thanks, youwhoz. I’ve been looking for this for a long time.

Roger Blair

Worked well, thank you !

Well, I’m back. I’m using FFX 58.0.2. I just found out that Brief has been updated for FFX 58 use. Unfortunately, SQLite Manager hasn’t been updated (so far as I can tell, anyway). I downloaded a separate SQLite app, but I don’t know how to connect it to my databas. Can someone helpme?

Here’s a guide on how to find your profile folder. There are a few sqlite files there, which is probably what you want to point the application to.

jorgev, thanks. I can find my profile foler, but I can’t run the Profile Manager; every time I enter “firefox.exe -p” (and the label does exist), I get a “can’t find firefox.exe” message. I’ll try spelling out the whole path and see what happens.