How to reference a JS file for users to copy safely inside our extension?

Hi there, we are trying to get our Quotebacks extension (see info and chrome store link here) approved.

Everytime we submit we get rejected with this message:

Both these references to an “external JS file” are only there so a user can copy and paste the embed code for a quoteback (just like a tweet embed). Here’s line 157 from newcontent.js:

This jsdelivr file is the CDN and the “embed” variable has a single reference to copy to clipboard for the user.

Is there some better way we can code this so firefox accepts the extension?



Add-ons must be self-contained and not load remote code for execution. As such, you must Include this JS file inside your extension.

References :
Policies :

3rd Party files :

The extension does not load this code.

It’s only used to copy the file (as a text string) so the user can embed on their site.

The same file is in fact contained in the extension - this is the version we use inside the extension. But we need to provide it to the user via a CDN link for the embed

May I get your listing url so I can take a look at this?

edit: found it on your website (

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