How to Remove a Device from the Dashboard?

(Rei Vilo) #1

Adding a device is very easy with the big + on the bottom-right of the dashboard. I’m using release 0.3.0.

Now, how to remove a device from the dashboard?

Thank you!

(Ben Francis) #2

Right click on desktop, long press on mobile. Press remove :slight_smile:

(Rei Vilo) #3

Right-click on the device did the trick. Thank you!

Right-click on the desktop calls the contextual menu of the browser.

(Rei Vilo) #4

Wouldn’t a big - sign provide a better experience?

(Ben Francis) #5

Perhaps, but it would also clutter the UI. What would happen when you press the “-” button?

There is a balance to be reached between visual simplicity and discoverability.

One thing we could do is add a “…” menu to the Thing Detail view, and provide a remove option there. We also need to figure out where to put an “unpair” feature, which for some protocols is different than simply “removing” the device from the gateway database.

(Rei Vilo) #6

I known designing a great UI is a difficult task, especially when ensuring consistency across all the pages.

  • Option 1

The (-) would display a (x) on top of each device.

Clicking on the (x) would remove the device.

  • Option 2

Provide a single page for help with the right-click or long touch to remove a device

  • Option 3

Provide an initial tour of features as Firefox does for the features of the browser.