How to request mass docs relocation for a locale

AFAIK (disclaimer: I know nothing) mdn/sprints issue can only handle one doc per issue for things like this, but there are plenty I’d like to fix.

A few examples:캔버스 for incorrectly localized tag name – it’s causing <canvas> become <캔버스>, which is obviously wrong. for being an old URL, should be /ko/docs/Web/API/IndexedDB_API. This is the most common one.컨텐트_카테고리 for not matching the document’s title. 컨텐트_카테고리 !== 콘텐츠_카테고리 (so I prefer non-localized slugs)

But even in the examples it would take three mdn/sprints issues. I fear if I write everything I saw to there it would become spamming.

How should I proceed with these kind of things?

Hello @urty5656 :slight_smile:

I’m not sure mdn/sprints really has a “1 issue per 1 doc” rule. If I had this issue, I’d prefer “batch” issues (e.g. reporting 5-6 page moves after working on some doc) so that it can be efficient (instead of 1 issue per doc which is quite overkill I think) and be closed at some point (instead of a never-ending issue where new pages are still appended to the list).

Please do not hesitate to ping me in such issues (@SphinxKnight on GH) so that I can help you.

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Great! Thank you for your response, I’ll try collecting more pages before I make an issue.

@sphinx_knight thanks! This sound about right to me.

@urty5656 yes, please batch such requests up into a single sprint issue.

For the ones you mentioned above, I’ve:

  1. Removed the localized tag
  2. Updated all the IDB localizations to be at the correct location.
  3. Updated the third one (ko page) to just have the English slug (localization slugs cause us all kinds of problems; I totally agree with you.)
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@chrisdavidmills, I just saw IDB docs moving, thank you for your help :smile:

I just moved <canvas>.

Now we just need to wait for the redirect to propagate to the cache.