How to search for an email using its header Message-ID?

In Thunderbird version 102 or more recent, how to quickly and easily find an email message using its Message-ID?

For those not familiar with Message-ID, it is located into the header of each email. Each Message-ID is unique. For example, <QMcT2a_ZiCtWq3ZFQOdUyW@lorem-ipsum-4-2>

The contributed module “thunderlink” at would meet my need. But unfortunately, it is not available for Thunderbird version 102.

This works, simply use the Customized search filter. Add a new Message-ID filter. Then search.

Below is the same resolution as above. But with details if you’re interested in those.


  1. Optionally, install this contributed module at

  2. Using copy-message-id above, copy any Message-ID. Store it somewhere. For example, this Message-ID <QMcT2a_ZiCtWq3ZFQOdUyW@lorem-ipsum-4-2>

  3. Let say, 6 months or a few years later. You need to find this same email message. You know its Message-ID. But you don’t recall where it is in Thunderbird. To resolve this challenge, using the Search Message window, click on Subject filter drop down menu. Select Customize.

  4. Using Customize Headers window, using New message header field, type in: Message-ID

  5. Still using Customize Headers window, click on Add button. Then click on OK button

  6. Message-ID is now added to the list of filters. Select it. This is a one time action. In the future, you do not need to re-add this new Message-ID filter. Instead, you’ll be able to use it right away to start a search…

  7. Paste the Message-ID you copied above. In this example, <QMcT2a_ZiCtWq3ZFQOdUyW@lorem-ipsum-4-2>. Optionally, add more filter(s) to narrow down your search. Click on Search button.

  8. Wait. In the result(s) window, the email message you are looking for will be display.

Attribution and thanks to Radu M. for this resolution