How to self host FXA and Sync Server?

Hey all,

(I am only somewhat certain this is a good place to post this. If there’s a better one, please point me to it.)

I’ve been trying to figure out how to host my own instances of Firefox Accounts and Firefox Sync Server. I think I’ve found most of the docs available, but I’m kinda stuck on getting from what I’ve found, to hosting it myself.

First, a request, could someone who knows how to run Firefox Accounts and Firefox Sync Server document how to host both of them? Either a brand new doc, or updates to existing docs, would be very very appreciated.

Now, here are the notes I’ve taken on what I have been able to find on my own:

The official docs on how to run your own sync server appear to be here: Those docs talk about this repo: and that project says it’s supposed glue together the tokenserver and syncstorage projects.

There are several syncstorage projects. in rust, which makes me think it’s the one to use, but there’s also the python which I’m guessing is the original… Both are under active development. So which one would be the best to use?

There appears to be only one tokenserver.

Judging from those repos, everything but the documentation is under active development. And I’m guessing that I’d be able to get a sync server up and running if I was ok with using Mozilla for authentication.

Since I want to host everything myself, I dug into hosting my own fxa server. That’s where I’m thoroughly stuck.

I found about running your own FF accounts server. It links me directly to archived github repos. So I can’t consider it accurate enough to trust.

I did find the fxa monorepo. I was able to get an instance up and running via the readme. But trying to go from that to hosting my own instance that the sync server can use has me scratching my head. The readme seems focused on getting someone up and running for dev work. Not up and running with their own server.

Reading the subproject readmes, like also hasn’t helped me connect the dots.

While looking for documentation I did find It seems aimed at internal Mozilla groups that want to integrate with the official Firefox accounts/sync/etc platforms. Which didn’t help me with my self hosting search. (Assuming my skimming of it didn’t miss something.) (And what’s with the vegetable text placeholder? Or was it hacked?)

Outside of Mozilla sources, most of what I found were either out of date posts, or people running into the same issues I’m running into. The best I found was, which I need to look into more.

So, that’s what I’ve found so far, any pointers would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.