How to set the machinery microsoft translation to a given language in pontoon?

Which translator is the default for machinery in pontoon? If it’s bing translator then can we set it to a language that bing translator natively supports?

There is no such thing as “default” Machinery service. They all run in parallel.

Machinery currently supports the following services:

  • Internal (Pontoon) translation memory
  • Google Translate (machine translation)
  • Microsoft Translator (machine translation): not enabled on
  • SYSTRAN (machine translation)
  • Caighdean (machine translation, Scottish Gaelic only)
  • Microsoft Terminology

If you run your own instance of Pontoon, you’ll need API keys for some of them.

We map each Pontoon locale (e.g. hy-AM) to the corresponding locale supported by the Machinery service (e.g. hy in Google Translate and hy-am in Microsoft Translator).