How to stop Debugger from opening old source files automatically (version 75.0 (64-bit))

Not sure this is just my copy or…, every time when I go to debugger, FF will automatically open all source files for the site that I opened before. This is very annoying because it takes time to find the one I need to view.

Is there anyway to purge the source file open history.

Thanks for any help in advanced

I see that can be annoying. Are the projects on the same domain?

not sure exactly what you mean projects on same domain. It is a local dev site. The web site contans a lot of angular scripts. Thanks

we could have a similar option than what Firefox has with “reopen tabs on opening”
I know I’d prefer the debugger to be empty when I open it as well.

You could right click on one of the Source tabs and select “Close All Tabs” to clean the state. Is that not ok in this workflow?

Well, right clicking to close all does work, but compare with Chrome debugger, Visual Visual Code file editor, this auto opening all source files in FF debugger looks like a bug to me.

Should not any tab we closed before should remain close on next time we reuse the debugger?

Since FF debugger remember which source to reopen, it must store this list in some place, is not it? Wish we can find it and purge it manually.

Comparing with FF on my home pc, it seems like the FF on my DEV pc has this problem.

Somehow, on my dev pc, the source tabs I closed remain open automatically when I reuse debugger. I tried to re-install FF and problem remain…

  1. Cerrar Depurador

  2. Ingresar la url about:config

  3. Buscar devtools.debugger

  4. Restablecer devtools.debugger.pending-selected-location y devtools.debugger.prefs-schema-version

Ha, good info. Thanks Eugenio_Conte