How to submit an complete theme for Seamonkey - not Firefox


I would like to submit a complete Seamonkkey theme to this page: - so I used the “Værktøjer” (“Tools”) link in the top of the page, which lead me to this page: which is obviously for submitting FireFox lightweight themes, not for complete themes.

I used the page anyway, thinking that the AMO Team would figuere it out and put it in the right place, but now I have this: which is not really what I wanted.

So how can I submit a COMPLETE theme for SEAMONKEY?

(Jorge) #2

You should be able to use the Submit New Add-on button in the Developer Hub. The XPI won’t be accepted if it includes Firefox compatibility beyond 57, but otherwise I think it’ll work.

Keep in mind that complete theme and SeaMonkey support on AMO are going away this year, and you don’t really need to have a theme listed on AMO for it to work on SeaMonkey.