How to use Thimble Offline?

I’m fairly new to web development.
Is it possible to use an offline version of Thimble without installing all the dependencies? Or something like wrapping it in Electron for offline use?

He gretagremlin, welcome to the mozilla community. The thimble project is no longer maintained. But you can still download the source code from github. Running it offline might require quite some time.

But if you only want the web editor from it, you can try installing only the bramble component. I’m not really sure if that can easily be setup as an offline editor.

It maybe possible to install glitch locally too.

Hope someone with a better understanding of the situation can help.

I was able to get Bramble working by saving the Thimble webpage and opening the “index.html” as “host.html”. Although Bramble doesn’t have the features that I was looking from Thimble e.g. mobile view, element inspector, allow javascript, change text size, fullscreen and such. Having buttons accessing these features within the editor is mighty convenient for myself; shame lil’ Thimble is being laid to rest.