Httpfox add-on not available in new Firefox version


The HttpFox add-on is not compatible with Firefox new version, will there be un updated anytime soon? Another add-on that can replace this?

Many thanks,

Unfortunately, it looks like the developer stopped working on HttpFox in 2014. I am not sure if a 1:1 replacement is available.

Were there any particular features from HttpFox that you really loved/needed? We might be able to find some alternatives that have those features.

I suspect that regular Firefox Developer Tools (“Network” tab) should suit your needs.

Hi, the network tab is fine but not working if the link opens in a new tab. It has to be opened in same tab which is an issue here. Would you be having a workaround for this?

You should see all requests (from all tabs, add-ons and Firefox internal) in the Browser Toolbox.