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Hello! Had a technical question about the assessment for this assignment. It seems I can only see the full results when I actually copy/paste css code into my html5. I know this isn`t really right but the results are far better than: . What am I doing wrong?

I don’t really know what this comment means - see full results where? Are you talking about seeing the results in this discourse forum? In which case you wouldn’t see results properly because it interprets your HTML and tries to display it as part of the page, which messes things up.

The best way to show me some work would be to put it up on GitHub (see

Hi Chris
Thanks for your msg. What I meant is that only when I copy/paste the entire CSS you give into my html can I see the results as they should be…a green background with all fonts and sizes in their place. In your html example, the actual CSS is not added, only this:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css”> <p>When I add the above element, my page doesn’t render like it should.</p> <p>Anyways, I`ll put up my work on Github.</p> <p>Cheers</p>