I accidentally had twitter opened in 2 container tabs :(

I checked the “always open in this container” and now I simply cannot open twitter at all :frowning:

I keep getting this page and it reloads regardless of what I click.

Can I somehow delete the site to container settings?

If you go to edit containers and into the container itself you can see assignments and delete them there. (squares icon -> edit containers -> pencil icon). It looks like the extension might be hiding in the overflow menu in >> or under customise.

Multiple assignments to the same container shouldn’t be possible however we have seen this bug before without being able to reproduce it.

If you could work out how you got there with any debugging that would be super helpful also.

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I deleted the two containers, deleted all the cookies from Twitter and clicked “forget site” in the history after searching for Twitter :frowning:

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Ahhhh… Interesting, I suspect that we don’t cope with container deletions at the moment. I added the API into central to fix this.
The only fix is likely to assign twitter to a container that exists.

But I need to open Twitter in that container.

Also I cannot reproduce the issue in a new ff profile.

Click open in current container and it might work. Anyway I raised a bug for this, unfortunately we likely only will be able to fix this in 57.

We could probably check the container still exists before popping that screen actually.

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So I have to wait until tomorrow? That’s fine :)))

Stable is boring anyway.

Now seriously. If there is an API in Nightly that I can use and I can somehow query with a debugger and clean stuff up then please tell me how I can do that. I have decent JS skills :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey if you go to about:debugging then open debugger on the containers experiment and get to console.

The extension currently uses localstorage as we don’t need anything more advanced:

browser.storage.local.get().then(a =>console.log(a));

You will likely have a key “siteContainerMap@@_twitter.com” which you could remove:

browser.storage.local.remove([ "siteContainerMap@@_twitter.com"])
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SWEET!! Thank you! I saw my work container tabs. The ones at home are messed up. I will try when I get home to fix this issue but I think your solution works.

Thank you very much for helping me fix this issue! Containers are freaking awesome!!! :smiley: I have Containers experiment, Cookie AutoDelete with per container cookie white list and New container tab. This is such a good combo! Basically work Google service stay in their little container while CAD kills all Google cookies in all other containers.

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It works! @jkingston

Thank you!Thank you!Thank you! :smiley:

Just came here to express my love for containers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All though i don’t like the way it’s shipped with FF nightly