I am all for security, but COME ON

I am done, I surrender Mozilla, I am switching to Chrome from here on out…
I just got a new contract, and they sent me the forms by Email, but when I clicked the link provided, it would not open the website using Firefox. It just kept loading forever :hot_face:, which I am assuming is the result of Mozilla’s insane issues with ‘Certificates’.
So, after giving it about 20 tries, and a half an hour to work, I was AGAIN forced to give up, and open the Email in Chrome, and this time the link opened fine.
This has become a standard thing now with this joke that used to be a great browser, that I end up having to eventually give up on completing something in Firefox, and switch to a different browser to get my work done. It is upsetting because I HATE to see good software destroyed by overzealous developers constantly creating new versions until it no longer works. :no_entry_sign: :radioactive: :radioactive: :no_entry_sign:
PLEASE guys, stop fixing it till it’s broke!!

If you would like to help, you can share the form that you can’t open here, or open the inspector and see which resource is blocking the page from shows up and report.

Mozilla engineer can’t check every website and only it’s users like us can.