I am trying to sign in to my account on addons but I can not get in

Hi there. I am trying to sign in to my account on addons but I can not get in. When I introduce my email and password a view is shown asking me if I want to activate two factor authentication, but when I click on cancel I get logged out. How could I solve this?

The two factor authentication has been mandatory for all addon developers for some time now:

If you are an extension developer and have not enabled 2FA by this date, you will be directed to your Firefox Account settings to turn it on the next time you log into AMO.

If you ask why, then probably because hackers tried to get into developers accounts and release malware powered updates :slight_smile:.

Hi. Thank you for your reply. I have tried to setup the 2FA but when I write the code, it always says it’s incorrect. I am using Google Authenticator app, updated to latest version.

Maybe this:

March 24, 2021 update: If your authenticator offers you an 8 character token, check its settings to see if it can provide a 6 character token. Firefox Accounts will not accept 8 character tokens.

Other than that I can’t say… usually when I add a new 2FA I simply scan the QR code and write the number and that’s it.