I can´t sign my add-on

(Damianmillan19) #1

Starting with Firefox 53, new extensions on this site can only be WebExtensions.

I have a restriction on install.rdf and every time show me the same version error



(Jorge) #2

You can submit new add-ons as long as the maxVersion is lower than 53 and you have strictCompatibility also set. Otherwise it’s not possible to submit new legacy extensions.


Is this still true? I’m building an add-on for a client that unfortunately needs to use legacy API’s (toolbar). The add-on will only be used for Firefox 52, and will not be distributed via AMO. When I try to use the jpm sign tool to sign the add-on, I’m told it failed because “Starting with Firefox 53, new add-ons on this site can only be WebExtensions”. The pertinent block of my install.rdf is:


Any thoughts on why the sign tool is still complaining? Thanks!

(Jorge) #4

It may be true for unlisted add-ons, but I’m not entirely sure.


OK… is there any way to determine if I’m getting that error / refusal to sign because of something I’m doing wrong, or because there was an undocumented policy change on Mozilla’s side?

(Jorge) #6

I was able to upload a new add-on for signing using strict compatibility. Looking at the code you pasted, I think multiprocessCompatible and strictCompatibility aren’t working because they’re inside targetApplication. I think they need to be at the same level as the ID and the name.


@jorgev, thank you so much, that was exactly it. Moved those lines down and got my XPI successfully signed. Appreciate it!


Can you help me, please? I have to sign this for private use.
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<RDF:RDF xmlns:em=“http://www.mozilla.org/2004/em-rdf#” xmlns:NC=“http://home.netscape.com/NC-rdf#” xmlns:RDF=“http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#”>

  <RDF:Description RDF:about="rdf:#$ol9Cf" em:package="content/" em:locale="locale/ru/"/>

  <RDF:Description RDF:about="urn:mozilla:install-manifest" em:id="{d8c1dcae-b1ee-11e7-a036-13c3848f2ee7}" em:name="RightToClick" em:version="" em:type="2" em:description="Позволяет использовать правую кнопку мыши, выделение и другое там, где это запрещено с помощью JavaScript." em:creator="NettiCat" em:contributor="" em:optionsURL="chrome://rtc/content/rtcOptions.xul" em:homepageURL="http://nc.ddns.us/extensions.html" em:iconURL="chrome://rtc/skin/rtclogo.png">

  <em:targetApplication RDF:resource="rdf:#$ol9Cf" em:minVersion="52.0" em:maxVersion="52.*"/>



I pasted strictCompatibility and multiprocessCompatible in every place as a property, as well as a tag, it didn’t helped.

Only issue I have:

Starting with Firefox 53, new add-ons on this site can only be WebExtensions.

(Jorge) #9

Yes, AMO is not accepting any new legacy add-ons. Either you need to port the add-on to use WebExtensions, or disable signing wherever the add-on is used.