I can't login to my account because my email service provider doesn't work anymore


My name is Acho Arnold and I’m the owner of this profile https://mozillians.org/en-US/u/arnold/

The email which I used before is arnold@archlinux.info but a few months ago, the archlinux.info domain stopped working and I can’t access any of my mails.

When I try to login to my account, It sends an email to arnold@archlinux.info and it tells me to verify that email but I can’t receive the email since I don’t have access to that email service anymore.

Please what can I do to redeem my account?

Hi @arnoldewin,

is there any system which shows that you own the @archlinux.info email and the new email you want us to use?
Maybe a PGP keychain or anything else?

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I don’t know what a PGP keychain is so i’m sure I don’t have one. I was thinking we’ll use one of my external accounts to validate me.

E.g IRC, linkedin, skype etc

Hi @arnoldewin,

Sorry for the late reply.

Did you ever have arnold@archlinux.info set as an email in your Github profile? If yes, you can

  • set arnold@archlinux.info to be your primary email,
  • then you login to your Mozillians.org profile using Github authentication
  • next you add a new identity (Menu > Settings > (scroll down to identity) > Add Identity) to your profile
  • in the last step, I will change your login email address to that new identity

Best regards,

Hey @hmitsch,

Unfortunately. arnold@archlinux.info isn’t on my Github profile. I deleted it a while back. Sorry for the really late reply. I don’t get emails when someone replies to this thread.

For the record: I tweeted @arnoldewin on @acho_arnold to see if they are still interested in figuring out a way to solve the login issue.

We found a great way to proof @arnoldewin’s ownership of the arnold@archlinux.info: He owns a bitbucket account where his old identity can still be used.

Arnold created commits to proof that he owns arnold@archlinux.info:


I will reach out to Mozillians.org admins to get https://mozillians.org/u/arnold/ changed as soon as possible.

Best regards,

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