I can't remember the email address I used to upload my addons, so I can't access the account

I uploaded an extension sometime back, and somehow can’t login anymore. I’ve only got a few email addresses I ever use, and two of them aren’t recognized and the third is a separate account. This is the extension:

Is there any other way I can regain access? Or do I have to upload it under a new account?

Not sure how to prove I own this extension, so I’ll just post something on the github site that’s listed as the “support site” for the extension, here:

Does that mean they have no Firefox Account associated? AMO transitioned to Firefox Accounts quite a while back. If you however uploaded the extensions before that transition (that’d be pre-WebExtensions though iirc), you may need to create a Firefox account first.

I uploaded the extension last April, and then updated it in September, so it hasn’t been that long. Unless there was some transition after that, but I never saw an email about it. I really don’t know where else to turn, so I can access my extension again. :confused:

Hey @grantwinney, can you email amo-admins [at] mozilla [dot] org with this information and include the email addresses you think you used with your account? The admins might be able to help you out.

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Thanks, I just did. :+1:

Nice. They were able to tell which email address was associated with my addons, and then I just had to create a new account using that address. Thanks again.