I can't upload the new version of my full theme (full theme -> extension porting)

Hi all,
I successfully converted my full theme (Monterail Dark) to a legacy extension to make it compatible with TB >68, but I can’t release an update on the addons webpage. I think that the error is due to the fact that, I’m passed from a full theme to an extension. The error is: “em:type in your install.rdf (1) does not match the type of your add-on on AMO (2)”.

Is there a way to upload this new version of the theme or I need to upload the update as a new extension?

I was under the impression that themes are now web extensions only, or is that what you meant?

Theme support: Only WebExtension themes are supported now. Both addons.mozilla.org and addons.thunderbird.net now provide WebExtension themes.

REF: Thunderbird 68.0 Release Notes

Now proper themes are Web Extensions only and very limited. Legacy “xul” extensions can be used to create full themes like the old full themes.
So, the older theme version was created using the old full themes way, the new version is created with a legacy xul extension to make it compatible with TB>68. But I can’t update it through the addons website, because I think that during the validation it sees that I’m uploading an addon and not a full theme update. I’m asking if it’s possible to push the new version as update or not.

Thunderbird Topicbox Add-ons is a better location for this question.

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