I have a Problem for Pontoon's translation (not translated part is blank)

here is compare for translation file / original file.
you see translation file part(left) is blank. so that’s blank is headche for me. in translation, this blank is occur bug for translation’s patch. - application is not showing text or weird text occur etc. still i wanna this blank part fill to original file’s content. it’s possible?

in Zanata, Zanata is writing for not blank for not translated string, instead of zanata has writing for need translated strings. so that’s safeguard is reduce for application error.

ps. my think is short. ‘How do you plan to know if an English string was translated and left in English on purpose, or that’s just the tool dumping English content?’ so i just think ‘translated and left in english’ and not think dumping english content. so i agreed this thing. i just saw ‘translated’ thing, not ‘dumping’ thing. sorry for my behavior.