I have published an add-on recently, but active users are not shown

(Divya) #1

I have published an add-on 10 days ago. Every day evening the stats page is updated and I am able to see the downloads and active users as well, but in my extension page user count is not displayed . It’s showing as 'No Users

(jscher2000) #2

I was just about to post the same thing. This seems to be a change from how it worked earlier in October when even 1 active user could show up quickly.

OK - Posted 10/27 (GMT) – 1 active user (1-2 Firefoxes are pinging for updates):

BROKEN - Posted 11/1 (GMT) – 0 active users (2-5 Firefoxes are pinging for updates):

(Martin Giger) #3

This sounds like https://github.com/mozilla/addons/issues/510 unless you also have it occurring for more than a couple days in the stats in a row.

(jscher2000) #4

There is something strange that occurs with the previous day’s stats. Sometimes it shows a value earlier than expected, and sometimes it shows 0 for most of the next day, and then it’s fixed the day after. ?? I think that is the issue on file, and this is something different.

For the second extension, the stats page graphs and tables show a positive number of daily users ranging from 1 to 5 for Nov. 1-12, but the summary stat is “0 Average Daily Users” and on the extension’s main page on the right side, No Users. This has been true since the extension was posted.

(Martin Giger) #5

No, stats generation usually takes at least 24 hours and that’s not the linked issue. The linked issue is that occasionally the stats will say there are 0 users of the extension on a day.

But from your explanation this is not what you are experiencing, the issue is with the average number that is not accurate.

(jscher2000) #6

I used this query


to start checking backwards until I found an extension with average daily users.

In the JSON viewer, I clicked Raw and then ran this in the console to extract the list:

var resp = JSON.parse(document.querySelector('#rawdata-panel pre').textContent); var exts = resp.results; for (var i=0; i<exts.length; i++){ if(exts[i].average_daily_users > 0) console.log('"' + exts[i].name[Object.keys(exts[i].name)[0]] + '" created ' + exts[i].created + ' has ' + exts[i].average_daily_users + ' average daily users ' + exts[i].url);}

If there were no results, I switched back to the JSON view and used the Next link to continue the process.

These were the three most recently created extensions with more than 0 average daily users.

“URL Incrementer” created 2018-11-01T03:41:10Z has 2 average daily users https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/url-incrementer/

“A Photographic Start - New Tab Page” created 2018-11-01T03:41:06Z has 1 average daily users https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/a-photographic-start/

“SelectCode for htmlforum.io” created 2018-10-31T12:47:44Z has 1 average daily users https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/selectcode-for-htmlforum-io/

For reference:
“Content-Type Fixer” created 2018-11-01T04:49:54Z has 0 average daily users

Looking at extensions with public stats, this one shows a very large number of update pings but still “No Users” on the extension’s font page:


So something seems to have occurred around the beginning of the month.

(Jorge) #7

It’s probably this issue, which should be corrected soon https://github.com/mozilla/addons-server/issues/9987

(Divya) #8

The stats page is updated every 24 hours. As per the stats page my extension has 600 active weekly users. But my main page shows as ‘No Users’ .

It’s almost 2weeks I have posted the extension, from day1 to till date it’s always ‘No Users’ on the main page though the data on the stats page is updated.

(jscher2000) #9

Hi Divya, this should be fixed as of earlier today. Could you check again?

(Divya) #10

Yeah it’s fixed. Thank you.

Now as the issue is fixed, will the active users count on the main page be updated everyday?