I Miss Server Log (FirePHP, ChromePHP, etc)

(Frank Forte) #1

The ability to add a formatted log to the console using Javascript would be nice… e.g.:

console.html(‘this has <b>bold</b> formatting, and a <table><tr><th>heading</th></tr><tr><td>table</td></tr></table>’);

This way we can take server logs and add them to the console, rather than adding them as clutter on the page. Unless you can point me to an add-on or extension that could show the ChromePHP or FirePHP logs in the dev console.

(Harald Kirschner) #2

Good news, your problem should be solved already using console style formatting and console.table. Anything that is lacking here?

(Frank Forte) #3

Cool :surfing_man:. I wish I saw this the first time around.