I used ECSY to create a web game engine

Hi folks,

We used ecsy.js to create a prototype of a web game engine with only React, pixi.js and ecsy and I wanted to show it to you.

We first did it without ecsy and we had problem with performance (garbage collector slowing too much the framerate). With ecsy everything is fine :).

You can test it here : http://steamdungeon.com/

Or check a basic video of the gameplay here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LywmsCr_7s

PS : I wrote an article (french only currently sorry) that explain basically functionnalities developped (multiplayer, random level generator, …) : http://kieirra.surge.sh/2020-07-05-steamdungeon/)

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@Kieirra really nice! I really love the overall style, I was checking also the facebook group and I love to see the sketches and the whole development process :slight_smile:
I just created today an AWESOME ECSY.md file on the main repo, and I added your game there https://github.com/MozillaReality/ecsy/blob/dev/AWESOME_ECSY.md

You mentioned that you had issues previously with the GC. Do you think the benefit is coming from the components and entities pooling on ECSY? Do you have any previous version to compare?


Thank you very much !

I made a quick video to show you before Ecsy and after Ecsy :

Versions are not exactly the same (so zoom is different, etc…) but we decided to refactor the game with Ecsy when we got this GC problems (detected using performance devtools) on mobile low end devices.

Video was made on Galaxy Note 10 + (not a low end device) and screenshot on my PC with CPU throttling to emulate mobile.

Indeed, I think the mains benefit comes from the entities pooling that make the GC works less.

Wow, this is a tremendous work of art! :slight_smile:

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