I want to bring in a new language Sanskrit for voice recogntion

What are the steps to bring in sanskrit for voice recogntion. I can bring in hundreds of contributors


Might wanna check this

Also reach out to Sampadanand Mishra… he might have some great ideas on this…


Looking forward to seeing Sanskrit on CV.

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hey Subash, thanks. I dont understand the pontoon stuff. What is localization over web ?

Hey @Lakshmi_Narasimhan localization means translating the interface of a website or another software into different languages or adapting it do different “locations”. Pontoon is a web based tool to translate most projects of mozilla in many languages, you will be able to translate the website voice.mozilla.org into sanskrit there once this language is initiated by someone from Mozilla.

@Lakshmi_Narasimhan Were you able to make progress on this? Let me know if you need help. I can help out if something is needed.