I want to involve in Mozilla

(Karan Verma) #1

Hi i want to involve in Mozilla.

(Errietta Kostala) #2

Hi, what sort of thing do you want to do? Have you seen http://whatcanidoformozilla.org/ - easy way to get some ideas

(Brian King) #3

Hi Karan,

I also encourage you to get in touch with a local Rep to seek some guidance:


(Shalinikr) #4

Vouch for me please.
I am a firefox campus abassador and was also involved in take back on the web project. This is my profile.

(Russ Nicoletti) #5

Hi Shalinkr, ideally a Mozillian who is vouching for someone is familiar with their contributions. So it would be best if one of the Mozillians you worked with during the Take Back the Web project vouched for you.

(Shalinikr) #6

Thanku Russ for your reponse. Well i am aware of that but i actually lost contact with the group

(Akshay) #7

You can find contact details of your team lead @rishabhlavi here.

(Shalinikr) #8


(Yousef Alam) #9