IAM for Bugzilla

Is there a plan to enable Auth0 as an option for Bugzilla login, next to the Bugzilla native login? Currently there is only GitHub as an external provider, which does not work with 2FA.


Hi @mstanke,

the short answer is “there is no short answer”. Sorry!

We are continuously evaluating an expansion of Mozilla IAM to large audience sites. These sites include bugzilla, SUMO (support.mozilla.org), L10N (pontoon.mozilla.org), MDN (developer.mozilla.org) and some others.

To date, a small number of key elements are missing. These block a broader rollout because of unacceptable user experience. One main topic is the need for 2FA whenever Github or FxA are used as authentication providers on Mozilla IAM. We are currently testing a set of rule changes and forecast to deploy these in January 2019.

As for bugzilla, I plan to reach out to the service owner in early 2019 to evaluate our roadmaps. For the moment, the IAM Project is still owing capabilities to the bugzilla team: We want to build a way to verify bugzilla accounts for “IAM Profiles” (e.g. the people profiles you can see in Mozillians.org and it’s future self, called DinoPark).

Hope this helps.
Please keep poking us, I love this kind of requests!
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