IAM Support Request: Groups on rabimba's Mozillians profile

Hi IAM Team,

we identified a strange situation with @rabimba’s profile. The impact is that Mozillians profile holder rabimba is unable to login to Mozilla Slack.

According to his Mozillians profile, @rabimba is part of both the nda and slack-access groups.

When he opens the /info endpoint, his groups claim looks weird:

"https://sso.mozilla.com/claim/groups": [
      "mozilliansorg_army of awesome", 

Two observations:

  • mozilliansorg_slack-access is missing
  • rabimba’s Tags are converted to Access Groups.

I think @rabimba is using Github+2FA for authentication. The AAI/AAL claim looks good:

"https://sso.mozilla.com/claim/AAI": [
"https://sso.mozilla.com/claim/AAL": "MEDIUM"

Hope you can help us.

Best regards,

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Ive manually fixed the profile claims while we diagnose how it’s happening. it could flip back to the wrong state (please let me know if it does)

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For now it’s working for me. Will report back if anything stops working