[Idea] Move tab to another window


(Nintyfan19) #1

Idea is about option to move selected (on menu accessible by right click on tab) tab to selected window (item in submenu).
On Linux, we have Virtual Desktop and Activities (Plasma5). Virtual Desktop and Activities can have name, like entertainment, work, school, homework, etc. I can open page in new tab and next need to move it onto window on another virtual desktop/activity.

I know you will tell I had to open new window in another Virtual Desktop or Activity and open page in that window. I think someone might need only to check something (read article related to job, when she/he is in home) and next decide to create something about related to job and open article, so open another activity/virtual desktop, open new Firefox window and move related to job article to this new window.

The idea also implies way to set window name. This idea is also useful without Virtual Desktop and Activities, because moving tabs around windows currently force to use D&D and not anybody can do that.

(rugk) #2

Generally I’d say this sounds as a use-case for an add-on (WebExtension). They can add stuff to the tab’s context menu and read URLs etc, so one may be able to make that.

What is not clear to me right now is, between what you want to move tabs, but it seems it is some kind of VMs (I am not familiar with KDE or so), so that may be hard.

What always works, obviously, is to drag- and drop your tab out of one window into another one.