[Idea] Save some settings of Private Mode/Browsing

The idea is to allow user to save some settings of private mode. It could be encrypted and when user open private window, browser asks him to entry password. But how hash if user even turn on private browsing? Simple… When browser run first time, it generate random bytes or settings for private browsing storage/settings. User could configure private browsing fast - browser will display button on new private browsing tab.


  1. first solution
    a) We encrypt private browser settings
    b) When new profile is created, browser will generate random bytes and save it to newly created private mode settings file.
    c) When user turn on private browsing, browser will asks for password
  2. Second solution
    a) We do not encrypt settings file
    b) When new profile is created, browser randomize some private browsing settings, so nobody known if we ever had running private

Both solution assembly configure private browsing button on about:privatebrowing tab.