Ideas for finding public domain text

It’s a simple list of ideas. If you have a good idea, please write it down.

List of ideas

Before you open Twitter (or after you post it) , will you share your words with everyone ?

  • Library
  • Link collection
    • wiki?
  • List of deceased authors / copyright expired works
    • Can we extract authors and works from authority files such as VIAF?
  • Blogger (Writer)
    • Today, everyone is a blogger! You can also contact your favorites.
  • Submission site
    • CC Licenses? (If the community has adopted this, there should be a CC0.)
    • Tags?
      • Maybe there should be a standard for how CC0 works are presented on the submission site or the web as a whole.
    • It can be a video , radio (podcast) or script .
  • Social networking service
  • Search engine
    • Extracting CC0 and public domain works?
  • Create my own
    • Social networking services, email, bulletin boards, forums and chat logs. (Edit any private information.)
    • Diary
    • Memo
    • Are you a creator?
    • The best part is that the text is definitely in the public domain! No one is going to sue themselves.