Ideas for

(Yousef Alam) #21

That would be @tanner or @tad

(Robert Sayles) #22

Thanks @Yousef :smiley:

(Tom Farrow) #23

We would not know.

Subdomains are created inside of the control panel, and thus Benjamin Kerensa created them.

(Semirah Dolan) #24

Hi everyone,

UPDATE: Robby and I will be taking over

We are confirming admin rights and any other logistics to get this site going.

We are the Mozilla Reps North American Regional Coaches so, the blog will be content from the N.A. community.

I’ve sent out a few emails to get a North American community call going. If you are interested in being included please add yourself to our email list here:

To confirm your availability for the community call, fill out this doodle:

Best, Semirah :smile: