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There is the site and it has not been touched in quite some time, the only thing on it is from 2013. I am looking to put a proposal together for it, I would like to see it up and running with some sort of use or intent to it. I would like to get some suggestions and ideas for what should be done with it and what everyone would like to see it as.

some questions to get you started:

1. what could be a possible use or community that could make use it?
  1. How could we use it to strengthen the USA communities?

  2. how could we expand it to provide useful info for USA communities or ones that would like to stay up to day with the USA community?

  3. What projects or products info might be useful to list on it?

Those are some questions just to get things started, those are not required questions to aim at feel free to add any input you would like. I would love to see this site up and being used for something useful! FIRE AWAY PEOPLE!

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Moved this to the North America community category.

It would be great to have someone that wants to drive this. Communities in North America are not very strong, it is usually one or two really active community members in a region.

The idea is to also have subdomains for the regional communities, but having something good on the main page would be great, and it should probably be static for now given the lack of people working on it.

It should probably at least tell people about this discussion forum and encourage people to get involved. I’m not sure what else might be interesting. Obviously a lot more could be done if someone were dedicated to regularly updating content.

Hi @kensie, I have offered to take over this a few times but never heard back. @tanner was suppose to set up email accounts using google apps, but the conversation died out.


Yes, moving the email to google apps is on our radar. I believe
@jlensmeister is working on it. Let me follow-up on what’s taking so long.

If no one objects we an also give you access to admin the site. I think
part of the problem is that someone will make an offer, but then there
aren’t replies to indicate if there is a consensus or not. However at the
moment with bkerensa having moved away, the USA assets need an owner, and I
don’t anticipate anyone being opposed to you taking over.

I’m happy to be the owner, it will keep me occupied in my new home in Dallas, kisses!


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@charja13 well there we go! You and Robby should get together and make some great plans, and we’ll make sure everyone has the access they need to make the site look awesome.

@tanner already said on IRC that he’s happy for Robby to be the owner (think module owner, this doesn’t have to be the only person with authority, but we need to know who ultimately calls the shots in the case of conflict and to be sure we’re making changes approved by the community). @jswisher, @gueroJeff I assume you’re both ok with this as well. Anyone else we should ping?


Sounds great to me!

@rtsayles: Welcome to Texas!

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Council has approved the change in ownership.

Hope to see some improvements soon!

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Now since I’m finally on the ground in Dallas, my office is back up. I’ll be working with the community on new improvements. @tanner we never heard from you regarding the login information. Can you private message me the next step?


Sorry for the delay on this. @charja13 has admin rights now, please assign access to @rtsayles

Please let us know if you need any help or hit any problems.

Thanks @kensie, we ping @tanner but not responded. @charja13 and I been discussing behind the scenes and I told her, we need to get access. We’re setting up a Skype meeting after Mozlando to look at our options for improvement.

Yes, we were hanging out with Jamie, and so I thought to ask him if you had made progress yet. Tanner has been very busy with school. My fault for not tracking this properly.

@kensie, not a problem. Our first action plan will have a skype discussion on how we can better use the domain. Thanks for getting this done for us, we will keep the community in the loop. Have a great time in Mickey Land!

when would be a good time to discuss what to do with it? also who is running utah?

sorry i forgot to mention. also i now have access now.

Thanks @majken! YaY, we’re in the right direction @Charja13. I’m GMT-6, located here in Dallas Texas (smiles). Once you get situated after Mozlando, we can jump on Skype to start drafting up a new proposal for the community. Since we are community driven, it would be a good idea to get input from the community. We can start from, sounds like a plan? Let me know? Have a blast this week :slight_smile:


why do you think this feed was created lol. Also like i mentioned we need to find out who is in charge of as it is on the same wp server. the utah one is still active as of right now.

@charja13, that’s a good question, I’m not for sure. But as the new project manager for, I’ll look into who, what, where and why (smiles)!


also we might want to look into updating the wp… as of right now its a really old version and asking to update.

@charja13, possibly it could be Jeff Beatty. But we should get clarification from the community ops team. Maybe @majken or @yousef would know?