If logging in, new tab can not be created in Tb, instead of FF browser tab

Hi, all.

I downloaded Tb again.
After this,
if logging in, new tab can not be created in Tb.
Instead, FF browser opens and creates new tab.
How can I create log in page in Tb?
Would you let me know the way?


If you want to prevent others from using your Thunderbird, you create a primary password.

Create a Primary Password

Hello, Walt.

Thank you for help, would you help me more?
I say that
logged in page is for addons.thunderbird.net.^^
Dear Walt,
I want to open new tab page for logged in page on Thunderbird.
Would you let me know it?


I don’t have an addons.thunderbird.net account, but you probably need to use a web browser to log into that site.

You might want to ask in the Addons Topic.

Dear Walt.

Thank you for your good answer.
I think that you are right.^^
I will adapt that.
I will discard old way that I would open addons.thunderbird.net account on Tb.
New way is not bad.^^

Dear Walt, in advance, Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year!