IKEA TRÅDFRI 5 button Remote control - missing events

Can anyone provide some guidance on how to start to debug the Zigbee adaptor for this?

The Scene buttons ( button 4 ‘<’ and button 5 ‘>’ ) are not generating events. Additionally, the battery voltage is showing 0.0V. I’m using the Conbee II Zigbee adapter.

After playing around with the current debug settings, I find there does seem to be some messages flowing at the ‘rawFrames’ debug level but there does not seem to be an equivalent frame at the ‘frames’ debug level.

UPDATED: this seems to be the same as https://github.com/mozilla-iot/zigbee-adapter/issues/199

I use the same Conbee II adapter and I have that same button. I have rules for all the buttons, that are based on triggered events. Is your button really new? Maybe something changed. My complaint about that button is that it has too many options – I have a hard time remembering what rules I applied to what! :slight_smile:

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There’s definitely an issue with the recognition of the scene buttons on the version that I have. It is labelled on the back


I’ve found a ‘hack’ to the zigbee addon to workaround this issue. However in my opinion, the hack is too nasty to be used in production

A new release of the Zigbee adapter fixes the original issue - both old and new versions of the button should fully work now.

I noted in one of the zigbee-adapter issues (on github) that two of my other IKEA dimmer switches (a toggle pushbutton style, and a swivel pushbutton style) no longer work. Might some of the recent changes caused problems with pushbuttons that used to work? What could I offer to help debug? (other than posting from the .json file as noted in the issue on github). Thanks for jumping in to tackle maintaining Zigbee – one of the most important add-ons imho!

I have a slightly broken setup (self-inflicted) that I am working on at https://github.com/WebThingsIO/serial-prober-node/issues/11 Once fixed, I’ll take a look at this