Ikea's new Styrbar Zigbee remote

Does anyone have any experience with the Ikea Styrbar?

It’s a four button remote that takes 2 AAA batteries. I was so excited for a new/affordable Zigbee remote/switch that takes batteries that are easily rechargeable and don’t need to be replaced every 6 weeks or so.

Unfortunately I’m only able to get buttons 1 and 2 to work and even then, only with Single press. Double and Long press only get reported as Single.

I was really hoping that all four buttons would work, even if Double and Long press wouldn’t.

Are you using the zigbee module of the zigbee2mqtt?

I’m just using the standard Zigbee add-on. To be honest, I don’t really know what the other Zigbee add-on (zigbee2mqtt) is for.

Is it a replacement for the standard Zigbee add-on, or do they work together?

It replace standard zigbee addon,

You could try:
-disable basic zigbee addon
-install zigbee2mqtt and try with it

I tried that and the zigbee2mqtt settings couldn’t see any of my Zigbee devices.

I removed the zigbee2mqtt add-on and re-enabled the standard Zigbee add-on and now my Zigbee universe seems to be broken.

I’ve since removed/re-added the Zigbee add-on, rebooted the Rasperry Pi, and still nothing.

The devices are still displayed as Things and present themselves as connected from the main page, but none of them work.

I went to the Configuration page of the Ziggbee add-on, and I see this:

I don’t think I’ve ever had to visit this page before so I’m not sure what it’s supposed to look like, but I notice that the List of ZigBee sticks to use value is empty.

Should my Conbee II be displayed there?

With zigbee2mqtt you have to repair your device
For test, just try to pair your button device and try it, if it work then repai everything

Ah, thanks @Martin_Verret, that got me on the correct path.

With zigbee2mqtt I can now see all the actions that the Styrbar remote offers, and I can see them being created: arrow left click, arrow right click, etc, but I can’t get any rules to react to some of them.

You should be avle to creatw rule, can ypu show your rule and log?