I'm finding it difficult to read mozilla docs because there's no full map

For some reason I’m finding it difficult to find a proper starting point which pretty much covers everything about web on the way. And the left navbar is very confusing. I usually want to see where I’m at in that section rather than the ‘Read More’ section. For certain sections the left navbar does show where you are at, but I keep finding sets of different articles, and it keeps getting more and more convoluted. Like I want the whole map of this mozilla docs?

Hello @akhila

could this one help you or not

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Hi @akhila! I’m sorry to hear that you’re finding the navigation in MDN confusing. I’m afraid that a complete site map for MDN would be even more confusing.

The page that @justsomeone linked to is the start of the Front-end developer course. That’s a good starting point if you’re looking to learn “everything” about web development. If you already know some things, and are looking to learn more, it’s still a good starting point, as you can just skip the parts that you’re already familiar with.

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Hi, thanks for the reply @jswisher and @justsomeone :slight_smile: And that link is good. I think I just need to get more familiar with it.

you welcome @akhila and glad to know it help and have a nice day