I'm trying to publish custom dictionary extension on AMO (n00b question as it's my first extension)

  1. How do I add an icon to the dictionary extension?
    According to manifest this should be simple, but since it’s a dictionary type the “/icons” property in Manifest is marked as invalid, both by Fx and Add-on validator tool:
    "/icons" is an invalid additional property

  2. Can I have localized name and description for a dictionary extension?
    Same as above but it looks like “/default_locale” is marked as invalid additional property when “/dictionaries” is located in Manifest. If that’s so should I stick to English or locale descriptions?

  3. I already have extension uploaded in Developer Hub and would like it listed on AMO now. Should I just upload a new version while setting is as distributable “On this site”?

  1. I don’t think you can.
  2. I’d stick with the localized descriptions. On AMO you can still localize your listing information as you please, though.
  3. Yes.