I'm upset with Thunderbird's recent performance

I moved to Thunderbird because I detested Outlook Express. Outlook has way too much “functionality” for personal email.

Thunderbird was a breath of fresh air. It did everything I wanted and it was not OE.

Up until recently, I’ve really liked it.

But, I’ve been having problems with Thunderbird.
Four times in the last two months (the latest being this morning), Thunderbird has completely forgotten my Hotmail email password. Oddly enough, I was still able to get into the web portal with the same password. There is a slight difference with today’s problem. I can receive email but can’t send.

And, more fun. I changed the password and it STILL won’t send email.

This is something up with which I will not put.

I don’t want to move to something else, and I certainly don’t want to move back to anything Microsoft, whatever that may be.

Start with the basics: check that you’re sending on smtp.office365.com, port 587, STARTTLS, normal password, User Name = email address. Similar for incoming, except outlook.office365.com on 993 (IMAP) or 995 (POP), SSL/TLS. Remove the passwords from Saved Passwords in Options/Privacy & Security, restart TB, enter the working password when prompted. Disable any VPN or AV scanning of TB profile folder if applicable.