I'm volunteer with some free time now. What can I do for Mozilla?

Here I would like to collect some info for people who is free and have interest to contributing to Mozilla.

Please help add any contribution opportunities by replying this thread.


Install all new Firefox on Android (Firefox Preview) and share with your friends.

Help build world’s biggest open voice database by recording 5 sentences on Common Voice, and validating 5 other’s.


Your voice help next voice-enabled Firefox to become true, and also benefit to all other voice-related projects.

(Join discuss at #voice)

Read latest Internet Health Report from Mozilla Foundation. Think, discuss, and share the issues that hurt or benefit an free and open internet to your local region. Raise aware of the issue.

Contributing to Firefox DevTools and become it’s evangelism, if you are a web developer and want a Non-Chrome-only internet.

Test use voice to control your Firefox do everything.

Check if the holiday gift you received or gave out is Privacy Not Included.

(Switch? AirPods? Bose 700?)

Show your support to Mozilla by do a one-time donation, (or even better, sign-up for monthly donate.)

The easiest and simplest thing anyone can do to contribute to Mozilla is to turn on telemetry in any version of any Mozilla software that they already use. Just doing this and continuing to browse the web as normal helps Mozilla.

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Can we also update https://whatcanidoformozilla.org/ ?

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Play with TensorFlow model of DeepSpeech project, if you are interesting in Deep Learning or Voice / Speech technology. We’re building open source Speech-To-Text model for Firefox and other oss projects.


I think it’s here, we will need some python people to check and play around…

Plan your trip to Brussels to join Mozilla room at FOSDEM on 2/1~2, if you’re in Europe or can fly.



Join the Rep’s weekly call on every Thursday 16:00 (UTC) to learn the latest news and ways of contribute.