Import cookies from FF?


I am using TB as feed client, I want to ask, is there a way to import cookies or logins from Firefox to Thunderbird? so that when reading an article that needs login, it can actually read such article?


Is the idea that you would login with Firefox, then transfer the session cookies to TB in the hope that you’d get logged-in-only articles? Have you read anything to suggest this will work?

I don’t know an easy way to transfer the cookies, though I suppose it would be possible by moving files or data between profiles. I don’t know if TB passes or receives cookies on rss interactions, but it might do - it probably uses the same networking code. And I don’t know if website session cookies would work for many rss feeds.

Some feeds allow you to authenticate something like this, btw:
But I’ve only ever come across one!

Not at all, It was a dumb idea, since they are both mozilla products, I thought maybe they could share some data.

I did not think of looking into the profiles, I’m gonna try that.


Looks straightforward - if you know sqlite. If not I can give you some hints. What OS?

Let us know how you get on.

Haha I have no clue of what that is, but, I found this extension, recommended by mozilla,

I installed it in both FF and TB (by downloading it and then dragging it to the extensions open tab); I selected the specific cookies I needed, exported / imported them and voila, TB is logged into the websites I needed.

The extension lets you select and protect specific cookies so they don’t get wiped. I guess when sessions start to expire I will just import new ones, and so on.

Haha, I guess answered my own question.

It was, just not the way I expected.


Edit: I did have to make an adjustment, I had to log into a couple of websites with no container, so that the cookie would work when tossed over to TB.

Good. If the cookies expire (which may depend on the website rather than the cookies’ expiry dates) you may want to automate the transfer …

Well, its reddit, facebook, etc cookies, I prefer to be aware of what those are doing, rather than make it automatic and forget about it xD,

but yeah, some of them probably are safe to make automated.


Apparantly with this addon you can simply log in in TB:

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