[IMPORTANT] Council Elections H1 2020 - Results and next steps

Hi lovely Reps!

As you received yesterday in your mail - the results are in! Check them here.

I am super happy to welcome to the council body the following reps:

I do want to congratulate all candidates and to encourage those who did not make it this time to pursue their ideas, plans and enthusiasm they put in their Q&A Answers for Reps Program. For sure they will find support in the council members and from peers!

As for next steps, the new council members will start the onboarding process. More details here: https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/SOPs/Council_onboarding

For any feedback, questions or clarifications about Elections don’t hesitate to write to the peers: reps-peers@mozilla.com

Have a great day or a resting night ( depending where you find yourself in this amazing world)!

From the council and peers,


Congratulations to all of you! :partying_face:

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Congratulations to the new council. :+1:

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Congratulations to all new members! Cheers

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Congratulations to the new members!! :tada:


Congratulations Guys. And for people who couldn’t make it, there is always a next time. :smiley:


Dear Shina, Faisal, Manel, and Tim,

Congrats on your election to the council - you know you’ve your work set out for you, especially in these trying times.
Take care, stay healthy and keep rocking the open web, like always! :slight_smile: :fox_face: :earth_asia: :computer:

Best wishes & good luck,

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Thank you so much Abhiram!
Hope you are doing well too :slight_smile: