[IMPORTANT] Council Elections - H2-2022 - Results and next steps

Hi all,
First of all - I want to personally thank you for your patience on this matter. As things took a different turn, our initial plan had to be adjusted. But without further ado,
I want to congratulate the following new council members:

As a broader context on this situation, I did mention it in the other threads but for full transparency, It is worth mentioning that we had 5 self-nominated reps, out of which one did not answer mail/messages nor fulfilled the Q&A requirement. This ended in a different voting situation - 4 nominees per 4 seats. Before - with the reps tool we would have the vote to validate all reps but as per the new tool, we can not track as easily who voted, etc… and anyone could have votes for themselves to be validated ( at least someone wanting them as council). So we decided to skip it. We did mail Konstantina and Francesca to be sure this is not against MoCo’s principles on the matter. We got a green light. (Another thing with mentioning is that we do run screening on all candidates to be sure they do not have CPG cases/or anything worst within Moz Communities)

As for the next steps, the new Council members will start the onboarding process. More details here: https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/SOPs/Council_onboarding

For any feedback, questions, or clarifications about elections, don’t hesitate to write to the Peers: reps-peers@mozilla.com

Have a great day or a resting night (depending on where you find yourself in this fantastic world)!

From the Council and Peers,



Thank you, @Ioana. Looking forward to an exciting year with the Reps! :smile_cat:

Thanks, @Ioana. Looking forward :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the opportunity:)

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Thank you everyone for stepping up and taking on this responsibility!


Congratulations to the new Council members! Looking forward to see some new projects and announcements