(Important)Error/Bug: HTML Forms module is missing from the navigation menu

(Vivek Agrawal) #1

I was going through my lessons on MDN and noticed that HTML forms module is missing from the navigation menu.

Here’s an illustration of the issue

List of modules shown in the beginning

HTML Forms module is missing from the navigation menu

If you have any questions then feel free to ask. I hope this issue will be resolved quickly. I’ll be waiting for your reply @chrismills

Thank you.

Learning web development: Marking guides and questions
(Chris Mills) #2

I hadn’t added this to the sidebar yet, because it wasn’t finished - there were a few bits left to do on it, and I was worried that parts of it would be too advanced for the beginner audience.

However, it still makes sense to put it inside Learn/HTML, and I have spent some time this morning finishing the work off, including adding a description to the module landing page to say what parts are understandable if you just have HTML knowledge, and which parts you need to have CSS/JS knowledge for.

The change is not live yet, but I have submitted a PR to the relevant GitHub repo:

In any case, thanks for nudging me about this :wink:

(Vivek Agrawal) #3

I just had a sneak peek at the material.

I think the javascript code will be understandable if they have taken basic javascript course. So, no problem with it. But yes the content is very deep! It’ll take around 1 week to properly complete. :heart:

I’m really excited to learn all that. Please add some assessments in the middle and some more active learning part so that beginners learn it more efficiently. I hope the PR will get merged soon.

Chris, thank you for the time brother :slight_smile:.