ImportExportTools NG options greyed out

Hi, I’m brand new to Thunderbird and fairly new to Linux. I am trying to migrate away from Windows and Outlook.

I am running Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon, and the latest Thunderbird 60.9.0 (64-bit).
I have exported my Outlook personal folders to a single EML folder with about 7,000 messages in it.

I installed ImportExportTools NG from the Featured Add-ons and restarted, when I go to Tools >> Add-on Preferences >> ImportExportTools NG there are no import options, only Export options.

When I go to Tools >> Import and select mail, I get a message “No application or file to import data from was found” without giving me an option to search for a folder containing the emails.

When I go to Tools >> ImportExportTools NG >> Import Messages or Import all messages from a directory they are both grey out with no way of selecting the files.

Does this extension actually do what it claims? to actually import? So far I am not seeing it.

Someone has posted a review with a similar (?) question on the addon page to which the author has responded:

There may be a similar issue on the addon’s github page:

If you don’t find an answer I would create an issue there.

I saw that question and they seemed to be talking about importing mbox whatever that might be. I have only loaded up Thunderbird today, so I am not sure if it is something I have done wrong or a bug. I didn’t want to jump to conclusions until I had asked the community.

Nothing went wrong with the installation, the removal, and the re-installation, so I thought it might be a configuration setting I haven’t done right.

MBOX is the email storage format used by T’bird itself, but that review mentions missing submenus which might be relevant.

I’m pretty sure the addon should do what you want. It mentions importing EML messages.

There are no import options, so the problem is your third point - no way to select your EMS file.

Are you running this on Linux with your EML folder in your local filesystem?

I installed the addon inThunderbird 68.2.2 - which is the latest for my Linux distro - and can confirm that the ‘Import messages’ and ‘Import all messages from a directory’ do allow me to select files.
This may be a bug in the TBv60.9 version of the addon. (There have been many changes between the previous release 60 and the latest release 68.) I suggest you update TB to 68.
If you’re new to Linux you may have to investigate where you can find the new version. Perhaps another reader here who uses Mint/Ubuntu can help?

Seems to be working now. Not sure why but the options now work. Trying to import now.

Create a subfolder of Local Folders and then right-click the subfolder, IET NG, and then select the import option.

Great thats the way to go, create a folder called inbox first, then high light it and then Menu tool.import, works for me , thanks sfhowes