Importing From Windows Live Mail

I have been trying to set up Thunderbird 68.4.1. I downloaded the Importexporttools 3.3.2 add on and get the message that it will not install on version 68.4.1.

How can I continue my installation and import the .eml files from Windows Live Mail?

For 68, you need this one:

You can also just drag eml files from Explorer and drop them into a subfolder of Local Folders.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. That works.

But how to import multiple VCF files from WLM Adress book?

This add-on is no longer supported: MoreFunctionsForAddressBook

So far the only way is - merge all .vcf files into one via VCF File Manager and import it to TB Adress Book.

Instead of uploading your contacts to a website, multiple vCards can be merged by opening a cmd prompt in the directory and entering copy *.vcf merged.vcf
The CardBook add-on can also import and export vCards.

I try command copy *.vcf name.vcf in directory, but it only make an empty (1kb) .vcf file.